Another match against intro bots

Another match against intro bots, just to get some easy IP and XP. This match I played Jinx on bot lane again.

Level 5!

Today I reached level 5 after another battle against intro bots. I played this game with Jinx. This match really went good. I made a triple PENTA kill (OP.GG says Octa kill) and with 41 kills and 0 deaths this was a very good match against intro bots.


Intro bots

It’s time to play against the intro bots. They should be easier than normal bots so it hopefully will be easier to level and get the first win of the day.
I will play against these bots with my newly bought champion Jinx.

I won the game with: 30 kills 0 deaths and 13 assists.
These intro bots are very easy to get the first win of the day.

Long time no play

It has been a long time since my last game on this account, but now I have summer holiday so I want to get as many XP as possible. Today I played 1 game (For daily win) with the champion Jinx.

Also I received 4 win IP boosts, so I will be getting more IP than normal. Usefull because I only own 1 champion at the moment.

After this bot game I reached summoner level 4 which means I got 400 RP for free. I bought some extra 400 RP for 2,50€ so I could buy Jinx (She is on sale now).

My first normal game

Today I played my first normal game (Blind pick).
Also this game I played with Ashe as the ADC on bot lane.

This first game didn’t go that well, but atleast I now have enough IP to buy my first champion.

League of Legends 2014-05-06 12-19-22-95

More bot games

Today I have played a few more bot games in order to reach level 3 quickly. Luckily for me it were only 2 bot games.
Both the bot games are played with Ashe and it went pretty good. Now I’m able to play normal games (Blind pick)

Brand new start

Brand new start

Today we created the League of Legends account called TheMasterOnline.
LolClient 2014-05-05 17-05-39-44

As you can see i’m level 1 with no IP and no RP.

 First bot game

To get some IP I will be doing the first win of the day against bots.
Today I played Ashe against normal bots. Ashe is a Free to play champion and luckily not a hard champion to play with.

Because I can’t play normals till i’m level 3 I have to do some bot games first.

Here are some screenshots from my first bot game:


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